Painting With The Camera

Alex Deiser’s style of photographs depicts an attempt to reconnect with the surroundings in which he sees reflections of life. He is challenging the viewers to look at this art through his creative eyes and asks the audience to let their imaginations flow.

Alex’s unique photographic style endeavors to connect the viewer with everyday surroundings and objects through a new perspective.
Seeing the Unseen challenges to broaden one’s senses to elevate and appreciate the artistry of life.

Each of his images has a story to tell and is touched by the effects that only time and nature can instill.

Portfolio  2020

Seeing The Unseen

My Motivation

I have contemplated this for some time, as human beings we live our lives for the most part under preconceived ideas of who we are, influenced by what we see and what we hear. These are transformed into truths whereby we live our lives and how we interpret the world around us.  It’s fascinating that even with all our preconceptions about the circumstances and environment creating reality in our lives, we can still feel a sense of being unsure and insecure of ourselves and our surroundings.

This can compel us to defend our perceived reality with what could be considered a limited view on life. In this limited view, we create our own comfort zone, our personal space that cannot be intruded by any other viewpoint, thereby protecting ourselves from any disruption to our sense of order and familiarity. Even if other viewpoints lead to a more enriched life, venturing from the comfort zone can be difficult.

I hope these images encourages you to take another look at the world and people around you, opening your eyes and mind to broaden your life experience.

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"Everything that we see is a shadow cast by which we do not see."

— Martin Luther King